No Shortage Of Challenges and Risks Are Plentiful – Olmecs Documentary

stuck at the Costa Rica-Panama borderThere are innumerable challenges when it comes to shooting a documentary in a foreign country: unforeseen changes in schedule, last-minute transportation and access issues, impeded long-distance communication, finding shelter and power to keep equipment batteries charged and getting the media properly backed up to the hard drives, protecting the crew and the gear in extremes of cold, heat, and rain, enduring physical and mental exhaustion, confusion, dehydration, and last but not least, succumbing to a case of Montezuma’s revenge.

Olmecs Documentary

We like to treat it as a space mission: prepare and research as much as possible in advance, but remain flexible and attuned to whatever the journey is revealing and making the best out of every potential setback through creative and efficient problem-solving. With Lee and Iskra on the road, there are no problems to solve. The risks are minimized because every potential problem becomes a creative challenge and they work together to figure out how to obtain the maximum benefit for the project with minimal risks. For instance, after being stuck at the Costa Rica-Panama border for two consecutive days during the Mesoamerican part of the shoot, they did not get discouraged but quickly switched gears and ended up covering the giant basalt spheres at Palmar Sur, Costa Rica, and getting an interview with Professor Javier Bonatti from the University of San José, all of this only 60 miles from the border.

During their previous work together in Central America, Lee and Iskra have established great rapport and will continue to collaborate in the highest possible way, to assure the completion and excellence of this unique project.

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