La Venta – With David Childress

Colosso heads that weigh up to 24 tons wearing helmuts are of obvious African descent. These heads are one of the most famous things about the Olmecs. What’s interesting to note is these heads are made of volcanic rock and there are no volcano’s anywhere around. La Venta with David Childress.

A group of 15 Jade Olmec statues with Kelts is where we get a lot of the Olmec writing.





Olmec – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Olmec were the first ‘major’ civilization in Mexico following a progressive ….. thrones) such as Altar 5 shown below;; Free-standing in-the-round sculpture, …

“Spectacular” Three-Cat Monolith Unearthed in Mexico

Aug 1, 2011 … triad-cat-statue–s990x660–p.jpg … Carved in a vaguely Olmec style into a stone monolith, the seated jaguars—or possibly mountain …

Olmec colossal heads – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Olmec colossal heads are at least seventeen monumental stone …. Two thirds of Olmec monumental sculpture represents the human form, and the colossal …

Olmec Civilization – Crystalinks

The Olmec domain extended from the Tuxtlas mountains in the west to the lowlands ….. The Olmecs made numerous statues representing “Were, Jaquar ” men.

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