David Childress on Monte Alban and the Olmecs

David Childress on Monte AlbanIn southern Mexico, of Oaxaca state, the part in Mexico that is the isthmus of Tehuantepec,  the narrowest part of Mexico. This allowed the Olmecs to have a port city on the Pacific and on the Atlantic side of Mexico. Main stream archeologists are talking about Monte alban as being a Zapotec city although they realize that the very earliest parts of Monte Alban are Olmec, and we will see the Olmec figures. Some of these figures have thick beards, others looking very much like Africans or even like Chinese. So here we are at the famous galleria or the dancers as archaeologists call it today.

You can see this whole wall of stellas, which have early Olmec hieroglyphs on it and quite possible have been a medical university. You can see people with their organs showing and there were perhaps lectures and doctors pointing to different diseases or other medical problems. What’s interesting to note is that you can see how many of them have full beards, which is very much an Olmec trait. American Indians don’t have facial hair and are unable to grow thick beards or mustaches.

Other figures look very African and are therefore Olmec in archeological eyes. The main stream thought is it was the Olmecs who started Monte Alban around 500 BC or even earlier. In fact archeologists have found a large tomb with huge granite structures right here beneath us. These are granite slabs covering a tomb with polychrome murals.


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