Update – Great News! Olmecs 600 BC Fundraising Campaign 11/10/2014


FBBB85C7-C93A-5B93-3519-49C4A0DB96C3_african_olmec_comparison.jpgEven though we only have 7 days left to raise funds on our Indiegogo Campaign to uncover the unexplained marvels of history through the film: “600 BC” we have built the ability to continue our campaign direct from our website. At the present there are two places where are supporters can back us. First, at the Indiegogo site for 7 more days: http://www.600bcproject.us. Second,directly at our website:http://www.omec-arkofthecovenantmystery.com/olmec-600bc-documentary-fundraiser-campaign/ Every dollar counts, even the smallest donation can help us connect with the ancient Olmecs.

Sharing the Indiegogo or Website link on social networks is also a great contribution, and all donations to our successful campaign are rewarded with amazing rewards!

Olmecs 600 BC Fundraising Campaign

Every single contributor/angel and all those who assisted us in reaching our goal will be acknowledged according to the funding level and timetable noted. We will also keep you updated on the progress of the film as we travel, investigate and search for answers. Imagine being the first one in the world to know an answer to some of the universe’s biggest mysteries.  This will give you an exclusive look into what the expedition is doing. You will have a first chance opportunity to see the film as well.  THANK YOU AGAIN!

Please help us reach our goal and be part of the fight.  We need funders to make this film a reality.  To know more about the campaign, visit at http://www.omec-arkofthecovenantmystery.com/olmec-600bc-documentary-fundraiser-campaign/. Or visit us on the web at http://www.omec-arkofthecovenantmystery.com/.

Come with me and help me make history! With our Olmecs Documentary.



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You are also free to contact us at LesnLee@LesLeeProductions.com if you would like to contribute in other ways or need more information.  We would love to hear from you!


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